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  1. Anthropologists in Art are proud to present:

    Mary in Times of Crisis

    A film by Sanne Derks and Sharis Coppens

    WM Gallery Amsterdam
    Time: 4 pm – 6.30 pm
    Screening: Sunday October 20th
    The filmmakers will be present at the screening for an Introduction and Q&A

    Still of Mary in Times of Crisis

    About the screening:
    In the context of the magical exhibition 'QOYLLUR RIT'I - Harvestingthe Night at the Star Snow Festival' by  Renan Cepeda, we are proud to present the filmmakers and visualanthropologists Sanne Derks and Sharis Coppens to screen their documentary 'Mary in Times of Crisis' at the WM Gallery.

    Do you need a car, a new house or money? To Lourdes you go for health, to Urkupiña for wealth.

    The shrine of the Virgin of Urkupiña in Bolivia is specifically approached with material requests for money, a house or a job. One ofthe filmmakers, Sanne Derks, has for many years been doing anthropological research into how daily religious experiences areconnected with economic inequality in Bolivia. In collaboration with documentary maker and visual anthropologist Sharis Coppens from Amsterdam, she made a documentary about the different ways that money and religion come together at the pilgrimage shrine.
    In conjunction with the current exhibition at the WM Gallery; 'QOYLLUR RIT'I - Harvesting the Night at the Star Snow Festival', which shows the work of Brazilian photographer Renan Cepeda on the subject of the annual religious festival Qoyllur Rit'i in Peru, we wish to explore the issue of the relation between lived religion, pilgrimage and economy. This screening event aims to create opportunities for a meeting and an exchange of ideas surrounding this topic between the audience and the filmmakers.

    Sanne Derks and Sharis Coppens will be present during the event to give an introduction to their film and research as well as telling us a few anecdotes based on intriguing encounters they made during their work with 'Mary in Times of Crisis'.

     Still of Mary in Times of Crisis

    About the artists:
    Sanne Derks obtained her PhD in Cultural Anthropology in 2009. Her research was on the ways that Bolivian women deal with class, gender and ethnicity at a Bolivian Marian shrine. In 2011 she directed a documentary on the inventive ways that Bolivian women improve their economies by their devotion of the Virgin of Urkupina.  Currently she works as a Lecturer in Applied Psychology at Fontys University of Applied Sciences.
    Sharis Coppens is a Dutch cultural and visual anthropologist, trained at the University of Amsterdam and the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology in Manchester, England. Her major fields of interest are oral history, social boundaries, local translations of global processes, music and identity. After working for several documentary producers she decided to start her own production company Chicha Films in 2011, named after the marginalized, Peruvian music style ‘chicha’ or cumbia andina she researched from 1999 to 2003.

    This screening is a part of the Anthropologists in Art exhibition QOYLLUR RIT’Í

    For  futher reading on the QOYLLUR RIT’Í exhibition
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