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  1. RIETVELD FOR IMPA: Book launch and project presentation at Kunstvlaai

    Thursday 29 of Nov. 6:30 – 7:30 PM.

    Zitten is een werkwoord / Sentarse es una Acción, Rietveld voor IMPA is a book about labour, and production, and ownership, and education, and chairs.

    Featuring essays by and interviews with Wendelien Van Oldenborgh, Horacio González, Frank Mandersloot, Ida Van Zijl, Luis Felipe Noé, Vicente Zito Lema and workers of the IMPA factory.

    IMPA is a metallurgic factory in Buenos Aires. That after closing down during the Argentine economic crisis,  was ‘taken over’ by the workers, and till today functions as a cooperative.. In June of 2010 the workers at IMPA, with the help of teachers, local residents, and artists, founded a university known as the University of the Workers within the factory walls. Aimée Zito Lema and Nahuel Blaton seted setted up an art project in which 100 Rietveld chairs were assembled at the IMPA factory by more than 80 volunteers to be used by the students of the university.

    The University of the Workers already had the space as well as the skills to form the basis of the university. What it lacked, however, were practical elements, such as chairs for the future students to be able to sit in as they begin their studies. Aimée Zito Lema and Nahuel Blaton responded by setting up an art project in which 100 chairs designed by socially engaged Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld were assembled at the IMPA factory by more than 80 volunteers. During a 4-day workshop, utilizing donated labour and subsidized materials, the workers of the factory and the volunteers built 100 of Rietveld's "crate chairs" for the University of the Workers. These help to form the practical basis on which the future of the university will be built.

    At Kunstvlaai the makers will be presenting their project and launching the book. The presentation will be moderated by Lucy Cotter.

    About the book: After the realization of the project Aimée and Nahuel produced a book that gathers visual documentation as well as theoretical reflections. The print edition is a limited edition of 700. (Dutch-Spanish with a complete English translation attached). The book is published by Anthropologists in Art in collaboration with The Proconsul Editions. The book was designed by Lesley Moore. Next to the printed edition there is an electronic edition produced by the Proconsul Editions.