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  1. Anthropologists in Art presents:


    30th March – 1st May 2012


    OPENING: SAT. MARCH 30th 17.00-19.00


    Art and other drugs is the second issue of a quarterly The Zolder Museum Paper. Accompanying the quarterly launch, there will be an exhibition of art works by US, The Zolder Museum artist group.



    - Front Page: DMT Crystal

    - Director’s cut: kuku common sense

    - All inclusive enlightenment in Gucci Yoga Sweatpants.

    - Letter to the director by Ben Coven

     “I got caught, selling mushrooms I got from the rainbow family and put in the mental ward, come visit me.”

    Essay by Wagner de Jong 'Off with their heads.'

    - NUDE #2

    - Picture by Artist Anonymous

    - Dealer and Shaman

     ”I suddenly woke up to an indescribable notion of complete unity with God, or whatever you want to call it. It lasted for some minutes, my soul was floating above my body and I had a feeling of oneness with the one. At that moment I knew that this is what I was born to be doing and I dedicated my life to illegal activities in order to bring certain information to people.”

    - Isis Business: Fan-letter to Lady.

     Making love to the money/ I know the sex is great/ I can’t live without him/ I fuck him everyday/ 

    - The spirit economy of pineal gland: recipe for brewing Ayahuasca

    - Drugs and art, mesostics after John Cage by Sher Doruff

    - Last Page: Quartz Crystal