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    Blaton & Rypson, Anthropologists in Art, present:

    “Colour Tales – an artistic research into the quality of colour

    by Lesley Moore

    at WM Gallery

    April 2nd through May 7th 2011

    An exhibition on colour without the use of colour.

    Based on stories by Imants Ziedonis (Latvia, 1933-).



    From April 2nd through May 7th 2011, graphic designers Lesley Moore present their artistic research on colour without the use of colour.  The title, "Colour Tales" is derived from one of the greatest Baltic writers from the ’60s, Latvian poet and writer Imants Ziedonis (1933), who wrote a number of colour-based short stories. Intriguingly visual and originally intended for children, these stories also hold interest for adults. His stories do not literally show the colours he writes about, the stories describe only the properties of the colours. Thus, the reader is invited to consider the quality of a specific colour, as well as colour in general. 


    For five weeks, Lesley Moore will translate five of Ziedonis’ colour tales (grey, blue, brown, green and yellow) into five imaginary landscapes; colourless abstractions that use the characteristics of a specific colour as a departing point. Also, composer and soundscape-artist Machinefabriek will compose five musical pieces with the same starting point. Ziedonis’ stories will also be read and listened to throughout the exhibition.


    Ultimately, the aim of the show is to confront the public with the characteristics of these colours, and invite the recipients to consider how these colours affect them. The project will have a website set up, on which it will be possible to see and listen to the different parts of the exhibition. Via social media visitors can react, and share their own colour experiences.


    Finally, we are proud to present that at the opening, April 2nd, a unique “Colour Tales” pop-up book will be launched. The pop-up book represents the imaginary landscapes of colour designed by Lesley Moore and includes an exclusive LP with soundscapes of Machinefabriek on one side, and the colour stories of Ziedonis on the other side.


    The exhibition is made possible by:

    Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst