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  1. Blaton & Rypson, Anthropologists in Art, in collaboration with Open Studio present:

    ‘Under Construction’

    Group exhibition on the therapeutic value of art.

    at Gallery WG KUNST

    May 4th through May 9th

    Opening: Friday May 6th, 17.00-20.00

    Roundtable: Sunday May 8th, 16.00-17.30


    Press release

    It is no secret that art, whether it be viewing art or making art, has real therapeutic value. Art’s ability to heal has been well documented and has since been incorporated into the practice of therapy for many years now. But what is it about art that makes it such an effective therapeutic tool?

    It is this therapeutic process of art-making and viewing that is the focus of the group-exhibition ‘Under Construction’. This exhibition aims to be the manifestation and the expression of all the multifarious parts that make up character and identity. It is only through the process of (de-) construction – and the expressions thereof – that one is able to reconstruct one’s self and reshape individual and social identities. One of the objects of the exhibition is to reveal the potential of the gallery as a unique space for psychological engagement and well-being as well as a constructive catalyst for social change.


    This annual group exhibition will be taking place for the third time and showcases the work of 20 artists from diverse cultural backgrounds with the intention of giving professional and non-professional artists the opportunity to promote their work. The artwork spans poetry, painting, sculpture, photography, video art, jewellery, drawing, graffiti and collage. For many of the participating artists this marks the shift from a private to a public showing of their work.  All exhibiting artists follow or have followed the art therapy ‘Open Studio’ program. The main goal of the ‘Open Studio’ is the empowerment of one’s self through art.


    “Under Construction” is a unique group exhibition curated by Blaton & Rypson (Anthropologists in Art), and is organised by artists and art therapists Suzanne Delshadian, Annelies Wasmann, Marinka Sprenger de Rover and Mar Rescalvo Pons.